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Homework Policy and Guidelines for Teachers and Parents
Grade R, 1 and 2
+/- 10 minutes per weekday
Grade 3 and 4
20 minutes per weekday
Grade 5 and 6
30 minutes per weekday
Grade 7
45 to 90 minutes per weekday

How much homework?

Children in primary school - particularly the Foundation (R to 3) and Intermediate Phases (4 to 6) - are not expected to spend hours on lengthy homework activities. Purposeful activities within the time frames suggested will be far more effective. Keep in mind that children in the Senior Primary (Grades 4 to 7) are not expected to do homework for more than two learning areas on any one day. Junior Primary children deal with only one learning area or programme for homework per day.

What sort of work should children be doing at home?

All homework activities should be related to the learning outcomes as detailed in the National Curriculum. However, homework should not always be written work. For younger children it will largely be:
  • Reading with parents or care-givers
  • Informal games to practice maths skills
  • Collecting pictures, etcetera

For older children, homework (besides written work) may include:

  • Reading
  • Preparing a presentation to the class
  • Finding out information
  • making something
  • Trying out a simple scientific experiment
  • Collecting articles, pictures, etcetera

However, even if homework does not involve written work for that day, the homework must be described explained or written out in the child's homework book.

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