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Examples of activities to reinforce elementary maths skills:
Please note that there are 1000s of such "online" activities available on the Internet: we always advise that parents FIRST assess any such web site BEFORE encouraging their children to visit the site.

  • Animal See Saw

A game for two players to help them learn addition and subtraction

  • Frosty Fractions

An easy activity involving halves, quarters and eighths

  • Maths Circus

4 maths games for beginners or for those who seek a bit of a challenge

  • Who want to be a mathonaire

A quiz based on of maths problems

  • Maths Activity Pack - Whole Numbers

4 sets of activities introducing addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

  • Whack a Mole

This activity involves counting in steps of 1 - 20 from any number up to 100

  • The Multiplication Game

An activity to reinforce multiplication

  • The Counting Game

An activity to test learners on how fast they can count

  • Multiplication Station

A timed game to test your multiplication skills

  • Maths for kids: Ages 6-11

A wide variety of 'easy' or 'difficult' maths related exercises grouped by age



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